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What is 'Pixstel'?

Who is Pixstel For?

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What is 'Pixstel'?

Pixstel is a group of photographers, each an experienced expert in their field of interest, who have come together through this website to offer you quality images. Our pictures are available as high resolution royalty-free files for editorial use or by arrangement for commercial purposes. We also offer our images as quality prints and giftware.


Who is Pixstel For?

Pixstel is designed primarily for anyone who uses images for editorial purposes. Our aim is to save the picture editor / researcher time and money. We believe it is possible for the client to research their subject and come away with the images that meet their needs in just a few minutes. Key features which help achieve this include:

But Pixstel is just not for editors - many of our images are suited to commercial applications. Please feel free to make enquiries. We also think our easy to use interface and quality presentation make Pixstel a pleasure to use for subject enthusiasts and those who simply enjoy looking at fine photography. If a particular image takes your fancy, we offer an easy way to order prints online.


Do I Need to Register to Use Pixstel?

No, Pixstel is open to all. You are free to look at what we have, and you can buy files, prints or gifts. However registering does have advantages

Registration is free, with no commitment to buy. Pixstel will not pass your personal details to any other organisation, and we do not hold any of your financial details, as all these are handled securely by PayPal.


How do I Find Images?

Pixstel offers two methods of finding images.

  1. Keyword search. Our images are indexed in detail by people who know their subject. All keywords, captions and descriptions can be searched by simply typing a term or phrase in the search box found on the home page or search page. If you are not sure of the exact spelling or form of the word to use, you can use a 'wild card' (*). For example 'photo*' would find any image which is indexed using the terms 'photograph', 'photographer', 'photo', 'photos' etc.

  3. Interactive browsing. If you select a particular gallery, you can refine your selection using a range of filters. Initially you will be shown all the images in the gallery but by adding filters you can easily refine this display to show only those images of interest. The results are immediate, and you can combine multiple filters for precise results.


Can I Buy the Images?

Yes, all Pixstel images are for sale for editorial or personal use. We are also happy to consider requests for commercial use, providing the image can be legally licensed for the desired purpose.

Images may be purchased as high resolution files, prints in a range of sizes or incorporated into products (eg. mousemats, mugs and more).

High resolution files can be purchased directly from the Pixstel website. Simply click on any thumbnail image and you will be shown the display page with information about the image. Click on the 'Buy This Image File' link and you will see your purchase options:

  1. Small image file (approximately 900 x 600 px depending on the aspect ratio). These are for use on websites or small print applications (up to 3 inches longest side).
  2. Large image file. These will vary in size from approximately 3000 x 2000px to 3600 x 2400px (depending on the aspect ratio). Once purchased you can use the image in any editorial way you choose, as often as you like, for as long as you like.

Both of these options have a royalty free usage license (view the pdf file)

We are also happy to discuss the purchase of images for commercial (eg. advertising) purposes. Availability will depend on having appropriate model/property releases where applicable.

When you have decided on your purchase, a few clicks will take you through the checkout system. We use PayPal to handle the financial side of things, both for ease of use and the security and assurance provided. Note that you do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal - you can pay by credit card or a range of other methods.

Once payment has been cleared (usually instantly) we will email the image to you. If required you can request an alternate delivery method.

Prints and gifts are also available. These are produced using the award winning Photobox service. Pixstel has selected Photobox to produce our prints and gifts due to the range and quality of their products as well as their excellent customer service.

From an image display page, you can select the 'Buy Prints and Gifts' option, and complete the PayPal checkout process. Most orders are processed and delivered within a week, though some international orders may take longer due to postal delays.


How Much do they Cost?

Pixstel prices its images at a point we believe is both fair to the customer and photographer - and we've done our best to keep it simple.

A single high resolution download costs just £40.00 / $70 / €55, and with our royalty free licence that price includes the right to use the image in any editorial context you choose, wherever you want, as often and for as long as you need. No need to worry about reproduction sizes or print runs. One payment covers it all. For web or small size print reproduction, our small size file downloads cost just £10 / $18 / €12

Print and gift prices vary according to the product purchased, but we think you'll find our prices extremely competitive.


What If My Purchase Doesn't Arrive?

Pixstel has gone to great pains to ensure the reliability of our service but there is always the chance of technical failure or administrative error.

Should you not receive a requested file within 24 hours, please contact us. Every purchase is recorded, so it is a simple matter to send a replacement. Also, your purchase is independently recorded by PayPal who will provide you with a receipt. In the unlikely event of a dispute over your purchase, PayPal provide an independent arbitration service, so you are protected.

In addition, if you have receive an image file which later gets lost or corrupted, Pixstel will provide you with a replacement at no extra charge.

Although Pixstel may remove certain images from our collections, we guarantee to keep any purchased images available for at least 30 days from your date of purchase.


What is the Quality Like?

Here are a few things you may need to know about our photos

We will also consider any custom requirements (eg. different file formats or sizes) and meet these if at all possible.


Can I Add My Pictures to Pixstel?

Joining Pixstel is by invitation only. New contributors are selected based on a number of factors including their ability as photographers and subject expertise. In addition we consider whether a photographer extends the scope of Pixstel, and can provide the type of image our customers want. Pixstel makes a considerable investment in storing and indexing images, so we need to be confident they will earn their keep.

With the above in mind, Pixstel is happy to consider a request to contribute to our collections. Typically a Pixstel photographer will

In addition, a potential contributor will need to demonstrate how their work extends the scope of Pixstel. Please note that Pixstel is very interested in developing new specialist collections for new subject areas. If, for example, you are a dedicated photographer of clocks, we'd like to hear from you.

While our requirements may be high, Pixstel treats its photographers well

In short, at Pixstel we respect our photographers and trust their judgment and abilities.

You can view our full terms and conditions here (Terms & Conditions pdf)

If you believe Pixstel is the place for some or all of your images, please contact Pixstel providing a bit of background about yourself, your areas of interest and a link to some of your work. Please do not send images direct, these will be deleted and won't be viewed.


How Do I Contact Pixstel

Pixstel is very much an internet based business, so the best way to contact us is via email at

You can write to us at

     Suite 281
     151 Highstreet
     Southampton, UK
     SO14 2BT

Should you need to contact someone urgently, then phone +44 (0)797 627 4715


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