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Pixstel does not collect any personal data about you except for information which is provided voluntarily (eg. the details you enter if you choose to register).

Pixstel holds any information you provide securely. It is used for administrative purposes only and/or to enhance your experience using the website.

It is important to note that Pixstel never records any financial information. All Pixstel purchases are passed to the PayPal service for processing. The only information we send to PayPal are the details of the product. Personal and financial details necessary to complete the purchase are handled securely by PayPal.


EU Law requires notification of the use of 'cookies' and consent for this be provided by the user.

Pixstel does not use cookies as part of its website, nor are cookies involved in our interactions with PayPal.

Pixstel does subscribe to the Google Analytics service, which uses cookies.

The Google Analytics service anonymously tracks visits to websites and provides web managers with data about site traffic. At Pixstel we use this data to monitor site performance and improve the user experience.

The Analytics cookies are served and maintained by Google. You may want to read Google's explanation of how cookies work, and what Google does with them.

We believe the Google Analytics cookies are non-invasive and have no impact on individuals' privacy. However, if you prefer not to have them on your computer, you can disable cookies in your browser by following instructions provided at

Please note that disabling cookies will not affect your experience using Pixstel, however, it may have significant impact on your use of other web sites.


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