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Pixstel's goal is to provide the best possible specialist stock image site for contributing photographers, visitors and customers.

Drawing on years of experience with a wide range of photo sites, Pixstel has developed a new service from scratch bringing together what we believe to be 'best practice' in an attractive, easy to use package.

Since our launch in April 2010 we have been building our collections and refining our platform. Now we are ready to take Pixstel to the next level, greatly expanding our range.

We are looking for experienced photographers specialising in one of our existing collection themes or interested in developing entirely new subject areas. If you have had difficulty exploiting your particular photographic expertise, Pixstel may be the ideal platform.


We Are Looking for Photographers Who:

  • have a good eye for a picture
  • have significant experience - probably specialising in one or more subject areas
  • have a good knowledge of their subject, and able write accurate descriptions
  • have good access to their subject matter, usually beyond that of the general public
  • have experience in submitting to stock libraries, agencies or publishers
  • are conscientious and self-critical when editing their images
  • are using pro or semi-pro equipment
  • have a track record of published material


For the Right People We Offer

  • unlimited access to a fast and efficient image hosting service
  • commissions of up to 75% on sales
  • minimal editorial control - we encourage you to follow your creative instincts
  • no restrictions on using your images elsewhere


We provide a supportive environment for our photographers and encourage them to be involved in the ongoing development of the business. We are receptive to new ideas, and keen to develop new collections. Our working language is English but Pixstel is open to members of all nationalities and will assist with captions and descriptions where required.

Pixstel does not offer any photographer exclusivity on a particular subject area but we do try and avoid excessive overlap of material so preference will be given to photographers covering new areas - if you are interested it is important you apply sooner rather than later.


What Next?

If you wish to join Pixstel, please read our full Terms and Conditions and Licensing Terms.

Provided you are happy with these, email us at pixstel@pixstel.com outlining your experience and areas of interest. Please provide us with a link to a location where we can view a selection of your images - do not send us the images directly

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